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I am a writer from Liverpool. I read and write as much as possible in order to find peace in this frantic world. Here, I focus on my writing, what I read, and how different techniques influence me and my work.

I write fiction including short stories, prose, and poetry.

Publications include: Clippers in the ‘I Am Woman Anthology’ which you can find on Amazon Kindle, I Am Woman Anthology and another in Subtext AnthologyNo Pancakes On Sundays published on Poetry24. A piece of flash fiction has been exhibited at FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology) as part of Liverpool’s 2012 Writing On The Wall festival. Strands of Life, a short story can be found on Sendyourscript.com. In May 2013 I was a finalist in Writing on the Wall’s Pulp Idol competition.

I am currently working on my first novel; set during 1941′s May Blitz in Liverpool, with an Italian twist.

I have stories to tell, topics to discuss, and photographs to share. Keep checking the site for regular updates and if you have any ideas you think would be useful for my current projects then please head over to my Contact Page and share your brilliance.

Thanks for stopping by.



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